Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kashmiri Play Premnath vs Premnath Staged

The practice of modern theatre in Jammu and Kashmir as a creative expression with inherent scope for social comment as well as entertainment has only thrived due to dedication and commitment of the generations of talented actors and theatre enthusiasts for whom stage is a life long passion.

The Kashmiri play 'Premnath versus Premnath' staged by Bhoorang Foundation was such a production that had the clear stamp of sheer passion and love for theatre by the migrant theatre artistes from Kashmir who gave a masterly performance at the Abhinav Theatre, here today.

Written and directed by Makhan Lal Saraf, veteran actor and playwright, the play 'Premnath versus Premnath' was a satiric-comic take on the way traditional value system in Kashmiri Pandit families is being usurped by changed set of materialistic standards.

The mainstay of today's performance which was lapped up by the audience many of whom were laughing to tears, was the dialogues that oscillating between the serious and the comic and full of colloquial words and terms struck an immediate chord with the listeners. The almost effortless acting punctuated by perfect delivery and timing further added to the overall dramatic effect, which was savored by spectators.

From veteran actors like Makhan Lal Saraf, Shadi Lal Kaul, Ashok Zafrani, Bansi Mattoo to the younger lot including Kusum Tikkoo, Rohita Razdan, Rani Bhan, Sameeksha Kaul, Ajay Waguzari, Ashok Bhat-all gave a well orchestrated display of acting skills.

The light design was by Kulbhushan, costumes and make-up by Anil Warikoo and music by Rameshwar Parwana. The prominent personalities who were present in the program which was organized in collaboration with Jammu and Kashmnir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages included Vijay Bakaya, MLC, Shabir Mujahid, Director, Doordashan Kendra Jammu, Dr Sohan Lal and others.

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